April is National Lawn Care month!

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Welcome to National Lawn Care Month! Here are 5 reasons to celebrate lawns and to appreciate their benefit beyond the garden. A beautiful, healthy lawn not only enhances your curb appeal, but is also good for you, the environment, and the planet.

cooling effect of grass

Lawns are about 20 degrees cooler than bare soil and 30 degrees cooler than concrete.
Lawn grass behaves similar to an air conditioner for the garden area. Grass in urban areas reduces heat islands compared to only having concrete and asphalt. In addition the turf catches smoke, microscopic dust particles and other pollutants thus improving the air quality.
Grass also acts as an efficient water filter by absorbing unhealthy run-off before it reaches the drains or the local waterways.
The grass roots reduce the flow of run-off and clean the water of pollutants due to their deep root systems. Healthy grass has several miles of fibrous roots that hold water and filter toxins out of it. One grass plant can have hundreds of miles of roots—including the indispensable tiny fibrous roots.

healthy grass on the lawn

Grass provides oxygen and improves the air quality and general well-being of a neighborhood
Grasses contain chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll enables the process of photosynthesis by which a plant produces the food material (carbohydrates) it needs to function using energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil. It is estimated that a healthy lawn with an area of 25 square feet provides enough oxygen for one person for each day.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that communities with healthy lawns and landscapes in their neighborhood are happier, healthier due to the reduction in environmental threats. Studies have found that healthy and well maintained lawns and landscapes reduce stress, health care costs, and generally improve the quality of life for residents

relaxing on the lawn

A lawn is the perfect place to relax on a sunny day.
The majority of homeowners say that relaxing in their garden is one of their favorite ways to chill out. A study of Americans found that over 75% felt that it was important to get the most enjoyment they could out of their property; this was across the whole spectrum of ages.

healthy grass and soil

The very existence of grass improves soil structure.
Soil alone is compacted densely together which doesn’t allow much water to be absorbed. This has the effect of preventing essential groundwater resources from being restored and rejuvenated when it rains. Grass helps to break up the soil and keep it loose, leaving plenty of paths for the rainwater to get deep in the ground.

Soil Erosion

Wind and water erosion are serious issues with no grass cover.
The healthier you keep your grass, the less likely it is that your lawn will suffer from the wind or rain. A strong and robust lawn that has grass with a healthy root system will prevent serious damage from both water and wind and the soil will not break down. Once erosion has taken hold in parts it becomes a lot more difficult and time consuming to repair. Regular maintenance is the key.

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